Kindle Unlimited – a service well worth paying for

I’ve read a few comments recently about how people are being shortchanged by Kindle Unlimited because it doesn’t have big names or many bestsellers on it’s list. I don’t think its amazon that is short changing people as much as it is the major publishing houses not embracing the change to how people are reading.

I have my four books listed in Kindle Unlimited and I would say I have more success with that than I do with selling actual copies. I hope that changes but I’m glad that KU has provided me with a platform to be seen rather than my books drowning in the tide.

Kindle Unlimited doesn’t provide you with full access to the library, and much of the content on there will likely be from self published authors or authors who haven’t sold a million copies. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of books for you to download. At £7.99 a month ($9.99 in America) I believe it’s a treat.

Nobody complains that Netflix doesn’t have all the blockbuster films or new releases on it. It’s a service that provides exclusive content for a monthly fee and should be treated as such.

So I would ask that people support the Kindle Unlimited service. As an author, it has some great promotional tools to allow us to lower our prices or make our books visible through the free days. What’s so bad about that? I know that you have to make the digital format of your book exclusive to amazon. You would have to weigh up how much success you’re having with other retailers. For me, it’s worth remaining in and, for the moment I wont consider going elsewhere.


Rebel Lexis – *****

It’s not easy to get a cross-genre book just right, particularly when one genre contradicts the very existence of the other. Can you imagine the next Fifty Shades book going all Mad Max on us? Yet, Paul Alan manages to convince that one works with the other with this meticulously written ero/sci-fi kick off to the series.

The story itself is vivid and imaginative and makes use of its surroundings to enhance, rather than hinder, the story. It presents a worrisome look at a future that should be too far away for us to care about, yet I found myself really pondering over it. Definitely one to give a try if you like your futuristic sci-fi laced with a little nudge and wink.



Invisible – one year on

I remember the trepidation when I hit that ‘publish’ button on my first book. It was the 24 March 2016. I hadn’t told a single person. Not even my partner. I don’t know why I was so nervous. Fear that it was terrible perhaps? Failure? A year on and the response has been wonderful. It’s been exciting to have had so many people get involved and support the books. I personally feel that I’ve grown and that my writing gets stronger with each book but this one will remain close to my heart forever. 

Invisible tells the story of an unpopular PR worker who hides the truth about her home life. It’s up to her new work friend Dan to try and get to the truth. The story, although short, takes a few turns along the way. 

You can download this free for the next five days. In celebration all my other books are discounted to 99p/c.