My name is Billy McLaughlin and, in 2016, I published my first novella ‘Invisible’.  Following a very positive reaction I then self-published my first full length novel ‘Lost Girl’ and subsequently a follow up that works both as a sequel and a stand-alone novel called ‘In the Wake of Death’. Both books have appeared in the amazon best sellers top 100. ‘Lost Girl’ also peaked at number 2 in the crime fiction genre whilst ‘In the Wake of Death’ peaked at number 1 in the Scottish crime charts.

I’m currently working on a further sequel / stand-alone novel called ‘The Daughter’ as well as a second novella which will be called ‘The Dead of Winter’. So look out for them in 2017.

I’m also an avid reader and love reviewing books for other authors. Particularly in the amazing new world that is self-publishing I think it is important to support each other and help expose amazing writers who have chosen this wonderful route. Please share my blog and also contact me if you have a particular book (especially within the crime arena) that you would like me to have a look at. I wont guarantee reviews because I never post under 4 stars for a book if I can help it.

For more information on my own books please like me at http://www.facebook.com/billymclaughlinbooks or tweet me @bilbob20

To contact me privately, you can email me at billymclaughlinbooks@gmail.com


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  1. Steve

    Hi Billy, thanks for following Talk About Pop Music. I hope you enjoy the tunes! Don’t forget you can follow my personal blog at Steve-Says.net if you’re brave enough. Cheers, Steve



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