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Introducing Phil Morris

When I was writing Lost Girl I didn’t start out with the intention of creating a solid mainstay in DI Phil Morris. He was there to solve a crime. Instead I found myself creating a chemistry between him and the main protagonist. Solving the crime almost became secondary. 

The choice to make In The Wake Of Death a direct follow up felt organic. Trainspotters will notice that the character of Margo was alluded to in the first book although not mentioned by name. This allowed me to write Phil in as a central character although this time he’s not on the job. 

Who is Phil though?

Without giving too much away, Phil is a down to earth guy who prides himself on his no-nonsense outlook. He is essentially good hearted and wants to make a difference. He is fiercely loyal and, although he only has a small circle, will do anything for the people he cares about. 

I also think that, until he met his current partner, he was very lonely. He lived in a flat that was quite drab and he had no interest in. His life was quite hollow. Now he seems happy. He shows a lot of patience and is quite old fashioned. He believes people earn respect and work hard. 

There’s still a lot to learn about Phil and I believe he might just have an edge that we’ve not quite seen yet. I have a few books planned out and I don’t think his life plan is going to turn out how he hopes.  

Check out Lost Girl & In The Wake Of Death to get to know him a little better. 


Today I’ve reviewed Bill Ward’s Retribution; the fifth in the Powell series

I previously read a book of Bill Wards called Trafficking which was the first in the Powell book series. That was a marvellous tense read and I hadn’t realised there were already four more books until it was suggested that I read this.

I haven’t read the three in between which I feel is a real shame because I might have appreciated the character development even more if I had. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for me to do that now as I could quite enjoy an evening with Mr Ward’s work. He does, after all, write beautifully but with such dark undertones that you feel as if you’re catching up with old friends who are just about to embark on some dark mystery.

Here, Powell has been hired to protect a politician who has a dark past. Is there any other kind? Powell also faces his own problems when he receives threats from an unknown source. Placing the story in the arena of politics feels quite topical as people have recently became even more aware and more opinionated about politics and about the underlying corruption. Ward allows us to identify with his writing, which flows marvellously, and with his characters.

I would say bring on Powell number six, but I think I’m going to be tied up with number 2, 3 and 4 for so long that the next book will probably be finished before I am.

***** out of *****

Booknvolume review of ‘In the Wake of Death’

. In The Wake Of Death by Billy McLaughlin “This book does have a fantastically unexpected twist that left me breathless!” – Emma Mitchell, The Little Book Worm. Sometimes waking up is only the beginning… He was left for dead on the side of the road. Now Marc Adams is awake and he can barely remember […]

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In the Wake of Death

So things have been fairly exciting since the release of ‘In the Wake…’

Not only was I astounded by the response to ‘Lost Girl’, which I still get messaged about, but to get the response to this book that I got was just mind-blowing. Thank you very much to everybody who has downloaded it. You’ve done a spectacular job of making me feel very proud.

‘In the Wake of Death’ picks up a few months after the action in ‘Lost Girl’ and finds DI Phil Morris living in shaky bliss with Kate, who was the protagonist in the previous book. However, they’re about to find their relationship tested by the arrival of a character who was only touched on in ‘Lost Girl’.

However, this isn’t the central focus of this newest tale. The story is predominately about a man who has been left for dead on the side of the road. He wakes a few months later to discover that his brain injury has caused him to block out much of what happened in the lead up to his accident. With the help of his sister, he uncovers a few home truths that will rock his world.

This book has a current rating on amazon of 4.5 stars out of 5 and this is based on 41 reviews.

I hope you all enjoy!