Monthly Archives: May 2016

Lost in writing 

As of this week, I finally finished my second novel ‘Lost Girl’.  It started out as a small story similar to the one I already published on Amazon a few months ago.  However, as I began to write, I realised the story couldn’t be told in 40 short pages.  Not if it were to be told properly. 

In the spirit of getting it right, I took a week away from the story.  Instead of doing nothing I began to write a third novel which was to be a short diversion. It’s ended up six chapters of another full length story.  Now I’m back at the editing stage of ‘Lost Girl’ and finding that the story has had a little time to breathe.  I’m almost finished with the editing stage and am satisfied that I’ve reworked enough and added enough and taken away enough that the story is fully fleshed and that the characters have just the right voices.  That novel is available to preorder with a set date of 27th June.  

I found the discipline of having a deadline very motivating.  I’ve written many things before but without the motivation of a publication date I have finished very few.  I now have more than a dozen half finished and quarter finished stories in the vault.  Maybe now some of them can come to life.  Thanks for reading.