Monthly Archives: March 2016

My brand new book. 

For fifteen years I’ve longed to write.  I have had a hundred ideas and even fleshed out some of the stories.  Recently I’ve had a bug for writing and finally managed to publish something on Amazon. So my first novel; a short novelette in fact, is now available. It is free to those who use kindle unlimited and 99 pence to everybody else. I’ve already started work on something else and have found that I have learned a lot from that first experience.  It’s been amazing to get so much good feedback but it’s also been good to discover that I can be proud of something but still look objectively.  I look forward to sharing it with people now that the publishing part is complete.  Anybody who has kindle unlimited please enjoy as it will be included in your subscription. For anybody else, I’ve been told it’s a good quick read on the train when going to work.